Breakers, Industrial Buildings and Mine Related

This section is devoted to Breakers, other Industrial Buildings and Mine related images. Northeast PA is rich in industrial history.


Concrete City, March 2018

Milazzo Industries Mine Car

Lackawanna Mine Tour

Butler Mine Tunnel Outfall

Anthracite Cafe Coal Car

Hughestown Culm Dump

Dorrance Fan House 2015

Loree Colliery Outbuildings

Huber Breaker Memorial

Coal In Square at Jim Thorpe

Web Album - Dorrance Fan House

Final Views, Huber Breaker

Huber Breaker, June 6 2011

Web Album - Huber Colliery Demolition - 02.01.14

Web Album - Huber Colliery Demolition - 01.24.14

Mine Building, Nanticoke

Web Album - "The Bluewaters", Plains

Miner Hillard, aka Carbon Sales, Miners Mills

McDade Park, Work on Lucky Run

McDade Park In Winter

Upvalley Culm Dumps

Lehigh and Wilkes-Barre Coal Company Building

Laurel Run Mine Fire

Pine Ridge Demolition, Mine Tracks

By The Butler Mine Tunnel

Work on Stegmaier Bottling House

Avoca Culm Dumps

Dorrance Fan House / Stay Out, Stay Alive

Hudson Anthracite Breaker

Jenkins Twp Culm Dump

Butler Mine Tunnel Still Smells Like Oil !!!

Twin Shaft Foundations / Work at Pittston Junction

Concrete City, 2010

Loomis Park, Hanover Twp.

American Flag on Culm Dump in Glen Lyon

Susquehanna Coal Demolished, Nanticoke

Larksville Culm Dump From Hanover

Yellow Boy, Hanover Twp

Moffat Boiler House Exposed, Taylor, PA

Taylor Coal, Restored Coal Lands

McDade Mine Car Worked On

Mural of Breakers, King's College Library

Web Album - Prospect Culm Dump

If You Are Hurt Sign

Web Album - McDade Park, Winter 2008

Heidleburg Culm Banks

Stegmaier Boilerhouse Saved ?

Old Steamheat Authority

Harry E. Culm Dump

Abutment, Jenkins Twp

Mural, Taylor

Blue Coal Mementos

Pittston Rail Trail / Eagle Shaft

Mass for Knox Mine Disaster

Olyphant Miner Memorial

Site of Fell House

Subsidence, Matson Ave

Rt 209 Coaldale, Bus Shelter, Marker, Mine Equip

Mine Subsidence near Hudson Yard

Miners, Pittston Post Office

Lance Pump House

Avondale Colliery

Moffat Boilerhouse, Taylor

Building, San Souci

Industrial / Mine Building Scranton

More Dickover Bricks Hudson Colliery Powerhouse

Mr. Dickover Searches For His Grandfather's Bricks

New County Coal, Hughestown, PA

Susquehanna Coal Company Building, Nanticoke, PA

Huber Breaker, December 2006 I

Huber Breaker, December 2006 II

Avondale Plaque

Harry E Coal Breaker II

Hunlock Station Power Plant

Sullivan Trail, Flooded Junction

Waddell Breaker

Hopper, Waddell Breaker Site

New Building, McDade Park

Stegmaier Brewery Boilerhouse

Jessup Miners Memorial

Ellen Webster Palmer Memorial

Dorrance Fan House

Peach Orchard Colliery

The Concrete City

Sullivan Trail Breaker

Harry E Coal Breaker

Glen Alden Shops

Pine Ridge Demolition

List of Erie Breakers 1939 Map

List of Breakers

Work at Brooks Model Mine

Peach Orchard Culm Dump

Dillon Street Mine Subsidence

Woodward Remains

Pittston Miners Memorial

Marvine Outbuilding

Demolition of Woodward Outbuildings

Water tank, Dorrance Colliery Fan House

Mine Cars, Nay Aug

PA Coal Company Headquarters, Dunmore

Acid Mine Drainage, Duryea

Eckey Breaker, Eckley

Small Breaker, Edwardsville

Old Jeddo #7

Lion Coal Company Breaker

PRR Shark B unit at Sullivan Trail Breaker

Mine Buildings, Shamokin

Mine RR Underpass, Plains

Woodward Colliery Remains

Current View of Sullivan Trail Site

Dickover Bricks, Pine Ridge Wash House

Moffat Colliery Remains

Moffat Powerhose, Remains (Kodak Disc Pictures)

Keyhoe-Berg Shaft, Duryea

Huber, Fall 1991

Prospect Bank Looming over Parsons

Erecting Proccessing Plant, Prospect Bank

Prospect Bank / BiLite Coal (Jeddo Highland)

View From Top of Prospect Bank

Pine Ridge Dorr Separtator (Aliens take over the world graffiti)

Back View of Huber, Switch Shanty

Dundee Tunnel and Acid Mine Drainage

Culm Bank, Plymouth

Huber, Summer 1998

Number 14 Removal Project

Old Carey Ave Bridge, Lance Powerhouse




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Tidbit :

Some Coal Companies :

Hudson Coal Company
Pennsylvania Coal Company
Glen Alden Coal Company
Jeddo-Highland Coal Company
Lehigh Valley Coal Company
Lucky Strike Coal Company
West End Coal Company
Lackawanna Coal Company
Emerald Anthracite
Casey Kassa Coal Company
Silverbrook Anthracite
Diamond Coal Company
Dial Rock Coal Company
Pagnotti Coal Company
Sullivan Trail Coal Company
Knox Company
Popple Coal Company.
Beltrami Coal Company
Post Coal Company
New County Coal
Connell Coal Company
Keyhoe-Bergh Coal Company

Tidbit :

Important D-L Junctions to Service Mines :

Plymouth Junction - Bloomsburg line connection to Hanover and Newport Branch to service Truesdale, Achinclauss and Bliss Collieries, small yard also.

Larksville Junction - Bloomsburg line connection to D&H Loree Colliery, Larksville.

West Nanticoke Junction - Connection with PRR to East Side of river, also small yard.

Tidbit :

Coal Fired Power Plants :

Stanton Station, Harding - DEMOLISHED CIRCA 1972

Hunlock Station, Hunlock's Creek - OPERATIONAL , UGI Corp.

Huber Colliery, Ashley - ABANDONED, at one time sold excess power to other Collieries

Wilkes Barre Steam Heat Authority - PARTLY DEMOLISHED at one time supplied steam to heat most of the buildings in the Downtown.

Scranton Elevator Company - DEMOLISHED provided downtown Scranton w/ DC power.

Laurel Line Scranton generating plant - DEMOLISHED

Hudson Colliery Powerhouse, Carbondale - DEMOLISHED

Hanover twp, maybe powerhouse from Loomis breaker - Foundations and some concrete structures remain.

Tidbit :

Coalling Facilities :

DL&W Scranton Yard
Erie, Avoca Yard
PRR, Hazle Street
Lehiigh Valley, Coxton


Culm Dumps :

Prospect Bank,Plains - majority removed
No 14 Bank, Port Griffith - removed Marvine Bank, Scranton
Harry E Bank, Swoyersville
Huber Banks 1,2 - reclaimed