Hughestown Culm Dump


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September 5, 2015

Here is the culm dump at Hughestown, PA.  It actually extends into Avoca.  

The former Avoca Industrial Track runs through this coal land.  Originally this was Erie Trackage.  Then in was CONRAIl, and then it was conveyed into Pocono Northeast or PNER.   Presently it is owned by the Luzerne County Rail Authority and operated by the Luzerne-Susquehanna.   

I don't know if it is erosion or people on the culm dump causing the jagged edges and furrows in it.  It used to be more flattened out at the top. 

At on tiime a large breaker stood near here, as well as a coal marshalling yard.   I think this was a property of the Pennsylvania Coal Company.  

Hughestown Culm Dump

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