Waddell Breaker


November 10, 2006

Here are shots of the Waddell Breaker. Originally I had mis-identified it as the Pompey Breaker. An alternate name is the Brojack Breaker as the Brojack Coal Comapny owned it in later years.

I thought I was in Archbald, but I think the location name is actually Winton.

From what I gather, the breaker burned, but the machinery was still working inside the frame. They were able to still sort the coal in this conraption, minus the outside of it.

Currently the site is being reclaimed - maybe the will build houses on it when they are done - it is a nice area.

These were from a group of "lost" scans, that were somehow misplaced when I upgraded from a 486 w/ Win 3.1 to a Dell PIII-300 w/ Win 95. They ended up on a Zip Disk instead of the new PC.


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