Woodward Buildings Demolished


June 8, 2006

Yesterday I was on the West Side on the Wyoming Valley. Crossed over the Susquehanna river over the new Carey Ave Bridge - passed buildings from the old Lance Colliery

I was on my way to K-mart in Edwardsville. Went down Narrows road , and before I got into Edwardsville, the road was closed. Holy Crap it looked like the end of the first car chase in Mad Max. There were police and ambulances and tow trucks everywhere - there was a crushed car and a semi tractor. It looked like lumber was strewn all over the road.

Traffic was diverted up Woodward Hill. Once on the top of the hill I sort of got confused - I did not know what way to go - then it hit me - the buildings where from the old Woodwoard Colliery had been mostly demolished. I guess what was the scalehouse durning the Simon Saba scrapyard days was almost totaly gone. What looks to a manufacturing plant is sitll there and looks like it is being used.

The boiler and the the shell of a building that housed an incinerator is gone too.

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