In-Depth : Glen Alden Shops


This series shows the Glen Alden Machine Shops in West Pittston, PA. The Glen Alden Shops were a major employer in the Pittston area in days gone by second only the the Lehigh Valley Railroad. Occasionally the Pittston Dispatch runs articles about it. I think the machine shop was owned by the Glen Alden Coal Company to service their machinery, but don't quote me on that.

The older section of the buildings has three stacks and many sections and floors. The back of the property has a gantry crane. The tracks alongside are the former DL&W Bloomsburg Line. It was a sunny day when I took these pictures, but don't let that fool you, it was about 5 degrees that day. Another part of the building, the red part is used by a manufacturing company.

A trip to West Pittston, last year (05) revealed that much of these old buildings have been removed. The railroad track is the former DL&W Bloomsburg Line, now operated by Luzerne Susquehanna as far a Kingston.



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