Jenkins Twp. Abutment


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July 13, 2008

Abutment from Tramway or Chute, Jenkins Twp:

Live from the field via my vintage Palm M500 :

Work off of Main Street in Jekins Twp has exposed a huge concrete abutment from a tramway or chute or conveyor.

On the top of the hill there was a building that was used for deer cuttin and meat processing. This was done in an old mine outbuilding , maybe it was a fanhouse.

Townhomes are slated to go there.

With all the trees cut down, this old concrete work is now visable.

Jenkins Twp. Abutment

Jenkins Twp. Abutment

Jenkins Twp. Abutment

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Tidbit :

The Ewan and Gowen Collieries were nearby. Maybe this was a Washery or something like that.