Butler Mine Tunnel Still Smells Like Oil !!!


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October 16, 2010

Butler Mine Tunnel Still Smells Like Oil !!!

Drove thru Pittston this afternoon by the river.

Just before the Water Street Bridge - you still get that oil smell when
you pass the old Butler Mine Tunnel.

Still smells after all these years.

(Used to think it was my car burning oil when I first started driving)


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Tidbit :

From 1991 CONRAIL Timetable :

Taylor Secondary Track 

Distance from Hoboken 

136.7  TAYLOR (D&H Railway) 
139.7  OLD FORGE 
  (Lehigh Sec and 
  Pocono Northeast RR)  

(Why is the distance 
listed as distance 
from Hoboken, since
trains have not run 
to Hoboken in many,
 many years ??? 
It was a hold over from the Erie Lackawanna Times Table. )