Shaft, Duryea


September 29. 2005

Mid 1990s views of the Keyhoe-Berg shaft in Duryea, just on the other side of the Lackawanna River. This structure has been removed and now a cell tower is in the area near where this shaft once was.

Added November 16, 2008:

Carl Orechovsky from says :

The structure was last used as a repair shop, for large bucket loaders and dozers, for the local sand pit operation, that's why the gates are on the opening cut into the side, inside, it is about 25 - 30 feet high, to the center of the dome. Kehoe Berge was about 2 - 3 thousand yards east of it. No mine shafts are in the immediate area of the concrete tank. The nearest shafts would have been the old Babylon Breaker workings, just east of Stevenson St bridge.

My uncle and mother used to play in this stucture when they were younger. They always told me it was a mine shaft. My uncle told me it was a filled in air shaft.

It is very possible that this was a standpipe to water the Steam Locomotives

If my memory serves me the Lehigh Valley had a branch that ran to service the Sibley Breaker. Sometimes it is called the Connell Branch or the Sibley Branch

Also O&W train ran over this branch. I think they had trackage rights, but the traffic was sparse. See Ed Miller's Trackside Around Scranton

It is a very interesting old concrete structure. Also if interest is the coaling tower at Coxton (Pittston) Yard.

Shaft Duryea, Keyhoe-Berg

Shaft Duryea, Keyhoe-Berg

Shaft Duryea, Keyhoe-Berg

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