List of Erie Breakers



From: "Scott K. Mann" <>

Here are the rest of the breakers on the 1939 Erie map:

Mt. Lookout - Wyoming DL&W Bloomsburg branch

Schooley - DL&W West Pittston

Laflin - D&H Yatesville

Fernwood - Erie Jenkins Jct.

Hallstead - Duryea DL&W

Kehoe-Berge - Old Forge NYS&W

Langcliffe - Avoca

Clifford - Avoca

Central - Avoca

Bradley Washery - Moosic

Old Forge - DL&W in same

Consolidated - E&WV Brownsville branch

Unknown - E&WV Hillside Jct.

Baker - between Taylor and Scranton on DL&W

Capouse - DL&W Keyser Valley branch

Jermyn - Erie Jermyn branch

Greenwood #1 - Minooka Jct.

Archbald - SW of Hampton Yard

Pyne - DL&W Pyne branch

Oxford - DL&W Scranton

Mt. Pleasant - DL&W Scranton

Brisbin - Cayuga Jct.

Pine Brook - D&H Vine St. branch Scranton

Green Ridge - Scranton

Bunker Hill - Dunmore

Nay Aug - Dunmore E&WV Scranton branch

Spencer - Dunmore E&WV Spencer branch

Carney&Brown - Dunmore E&WV Murray branch

Gipsey Grove - Dunmore E&WV Jessup branch

Richmond - Briceburg NYO&W Capouse branch

Eddy Creek - Priceville D&H

Johnson #2 - NYS&W S of Olyphant

Lackawanna - NYS&W Olyphant

Judge - Winton Jct.

Mt. Jessup - Winton Jct.

Sunnyside - NYS&W branch E of Jessup

Gravity Slope - D&H Archbald

M.A. Light - D&H Archbald branch Jermyn

Erie - D&H Mayfield

Powderly #2 - Mayfield Yard

Langcliffe (again-both are DeAngelis Coal) - Carbondale D&H Honesdale br

Racket Brook - Carbondale D&H Honesdale branch

Coal Brook - D&H Carbondale yard

Clinton - D&H Forest City

It will be interesting to see which breakers are the same ones you have

with different names, as well as figuring out why some obviously

different ones have the same name.

Also, if I can provide any more location or track detail from that map,

please feel free to ask...

Enjoy, Scotty


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