Mine Building, Nanticoke


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November 23, 2013

While this looks like a fan house or some mine building or may have been one at some time, several newpaper articles said there was a Gas Manufacturing Plant at this site.

This site had not operated since the 1950's. Basically they use heat and pressure to break down coal into its component chemicals and are able to distill gas from it. It was called "Coal Gas" or "Syngas". This was used for gas lamps, heating and cooking before Natural Gas came into general use. Coal Tars, tained water and solids are left over from this process.

Germany used Coal Gasification to create gasoline and they ran their entire War Machine on it. (Until they captured some Oil Fields in the Balkans)


December 27, 2011

An old Mine Building in Nanticoke behind the car wash near Arch Street.   It may have been retrofitted to another use - maybe a pumping station. 

Will have to check this out another time.

Mine Building, Nanticoke

This is a brick building typical of an outbuilding in a Colliery or a Factory.

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