In-Depth : Dorrance Fan House



Here is what is left of the Dorrance Colliery Fanhouse. The breaker and other buildings were demolished in the late 80's to make way for a Personal Care Home. The brick buildings are quite sturdy and have withstood time.

Dirt has been bulldozed around the sides of the buildings making possible to get onto the roofs, which are one and a half feet thick concrete. The fanhouse was built like a hardend aircraft shelter. It looks like there were at least three fans in this complex.

At one time some people in the History Dept. of LCCC, Dr. Janasov, I think it was, pitched the idea of saving the fan and displaying it at LCCC. Those plans fell through.

The only building now visible is the one with the rounded section on it.








Doors for the Airlock.


Look at how thick the slabs of concrete are on the roof. They look to be at least a food thick.




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