Mr. Dickover Looks For His Grandfather's Bricks


January 02, 2007

Over the summer when the did the demolition of the Pine Ridge Wash House, I took some pictures of the Dickover Bricks, and thought nothing much of it. Until I got some email the other day ...

Dear Mr. Rushton:

I hope you are the photographer I am looking for.
On a website: there are pictures of "Dickover" bricks.
Those bricks were manufactured by my grandfather and his fathers before
him at the Dickover Brick Factory in Wilkes-Barre. We have only one original
brick left in our family and I have been looking for years to acquire another
as an "heirloom." Would you be able to direct me to the location of the Pine
Ridge Wash House and perhaps the developer so that
I might locate the demolition debris?

Thank you.

Rob Dickover

I was able to direct him to the Pine Ridge site and he and his family were able to collect some namesake bricks. Mr. Dickover says the factory was in the area of North River St. and Maple Street in Wilkes-Barre. As we have seen, they made many, many bricks.

I have heard of some people on ICON (Insulator Collectors On The \'Net) collecting bricks. I do not think they are as popular collectable item like insulators though.

It was interesting to see the personal connection they had to these bricks and I was glad to direct them to the spot. I was happy to see the got some to take home. I was not sure if there were any still there.

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