Old Steam Heat Authority. Wilkes-Barre


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September 1, 2008

This is what remains of the old Steam Heat Authourity in Wilkes-Barre. Just one building and the two stacks - much of it now a parking lot. At one time most of the larger buildings, including the CYC in Wilkes-Barre, had the steam supplied from here.

The streets in the downtown would not freeze over in the winter because of the steam ducts underneath.

Steam Heat Authority

Steam Heat Authority

Steam Heat Authority

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Tidbit :

Local entertainment magnate, Thom Greco had a plan to use the Steam Heat ducts to run Fiber Optic lines in the downtown. G-Net I think it was called.

It was a great idea, but never got off the ground.

Some contractors mentioned that the lines from the steam heat ducts to the buildings had collaped in a few places too.

It probably would not have been hard to open the ducts up.

Thom Greco was ahead of his time in proposing this. I think a lot of people are sorry that this was never pursued. Previous Administrations of Govt. screwed up.