In-Depth : Rt 209 Coaldale


Driving by Rt. 209, Coaldale, I came across a lot of neat, historical things. In a little park as a restored bus shelter that was restored. It has mining slogans painted on it encouraging miners to work harder.

There was a Historical Marker (that was new to me) for Mary Harris "Mother" Jones. She was a labor leader.

The park was nicely landscaped, with several picnic tables. It also has several signs saying "No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed". I guess the boys would go down there at night and have a beer party or two.

Behind the park was some old mine buildings. Up the street was the Number 9 Mine Museum. Some day I got to stop there.




Motivational slogans on the bus shelter :


Mine Motors and rolling stock. A lucky find on the side of the road. But what are they doing here ??? It looks to be freshly primed and ready for painting.


This wagon says "Porter Tunnel" on it in small lettering.

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