Bridges and Trestles


Brdges and Trestles, some railroad related, some not.


Gauntlet From General Hospital

Tank Car On West Avoca Trestle

Mural On Trestle Abutment

Gauntlet With Walkway

Trestle, Mocanaqua, PA / This Is Why You Don't Want To Hop Trains

Susquehanna Connecting Railroad

Trestle at Trail Head, White Haven, PA

CNJ Trestle Across Lackawanna, South Scranton

Trestle, South Washington Ave, Scranton

Erie Trestle, Moosic, Rt 502

Old Forge Bridge To Be Replaced

Pipe Bridge Over The Tracks

Breslau Bridge in Plymouth

Erie Trestle, Rt. 307

Old Main Street Bridge, Taylor

Erie Bridge, Dunmore

West Avoca Trestle, Om Nom Nom ...

Bridge That Always Gets Hit By Trucks in Taylor

West Pittston Trestle, Former EL Bloomsburg Branch

Bridge by Coney Island, Scranton (Cedar Ave)

New Work On Gauntlet

West Nanticoke Bridge / PRR Trestle

Web Album - 8th Street Bridge

Lackawanna Ave Arch Demolition

Lackawanna Ave Bridge Construction 10.26.08

Breaker Road Bridge Broken

Lackawanna Ave Bridge Construction

Abutment, Carverton Rd Trestle

Other Side Of Gauntlet

Old Rt 307 Bridge (Was Luna Park Bridge Remains)

Old Rt 307

EL Kingston Trestles Removed

Pipe Suspension Bridge, Now Used For Fiber

View Of Lehigh River From CNJ Bridge

Fish Island, Telephoto

The Gauntlet At Night

Washed out Bridge, Hudson (Irishtown)

Old Cliff St Bridge, Scranton

Erie Trestle, Moosic RT 502

Trestle, Washington St, repainted

Harrison Ave. Bridge, Scranton

DL&W Water Gap Bridge

Water Street Bridge

Demolition of Mulberry Street Bridge

DL&W West Nanticoke Trestle

Trestle, Market Street Scranton

DL&W Trestle, Scranton (near Nay Aug)

D&H Trestle, Green Ridge

Truss Bridge, Plymouth

Truss Bridge, Archabald

D&H Plymouth Branch Trestle

Truss Bridge, Rt 61


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