Old Rt 307 Bridge (Was Luna Park Bridge Remains)


December 25, 2007

These old bridge remains are actually left from the old Rt 307 Bridge. Many people walking in the park say it is the Luna Park Bridge, when it is not. Luna park was way before my time to be sure. It was way before the Interstate Era as well.

Old Rt 307 Bridge

According to Frank Dutton, this is actually the old Rt 307 Bridge. It does go in the direction of the old Luna Park, but it is not the actual bridge

Then there was a short segment aired on WYOU that had Mayor Dougherty describing all the improvements that were made at Nay Aug Park. He briefly mentions that a bridge used to carry what was once a major route to New York. Prior to the Interstate System, travelers had to use old RT. 307 to get to New York.

Rt. 307 is a real hilly and has a lot of curves on it. (Wasn't the song 1000 LBS of Bananas written about a truck hauling produce that crashed coming down the hill into Scranton ?) Well Rt 307 will take you into the Poconos. I don't know what roads existed back then, but I would guess they would make their way into New Jersey and them to NYC.

I tried to follow the Rt. 307 on Google or Yahoo, but it does not go into that much detail. Next time I am im my car I will have to pull out my map and follow it.

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October 26, 2006

Remains of the old Luna Park Bridge, in Nay Aug Park. The first two shots show part of the truss and a concrete block.

Luna Park Bridge Remains

Luna Park Bridge Remains

Other shots show the abutment and a pier.

Luna Park Bridge Remains

Luna Park Bridge Remains

Luna Park Bridge Remains

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