Lackawanna Avenue Bridge Construction 10.26.08


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October 26, 2008

Here we see the Lackawanna Avenue Bridge Construction a little further along. They are fixing the deteriorated parts of the bridge and it is supposed to be an ornamental structure surrounding a new deck bridge.

Lackawanna Ave Bridge Construction 10.26.08

The former CNJ Passenger Freight Station is in the background. For some reason I thought it was the Passenger Station.

I asked Ed Miller about this building. Ed is always happy to give information on things

Ed says that this was in fact the Freight Station. The ornate wooden Passenger Station had burned years before.

It was replaced by a shack that was more suited to be a Section Gang House.

I saw the pictures of the wooden one, but did not realize that it was in front of the present stucture.

Maybe they will restore it some time in the future.

If they ever get the Scranton / NYC train service the proposed station was supposed to be across the street somewere, maybe in the State Office Parking Lot. What I read in the paper seemed more like suggested spots, rather than a solid plan.

The present station had a new roof put on it about two years ago. It was supposed to be a Ruby Tuesday Franchise, but somehow those plans fell through. Perhaps because there are way too many of those chain resturants up on Rt 6 in Dickson City and up on Montage Montain. What is really needed is an original idea to put in that building.

The old station does have some unique features, like the turrent. It seems to have two floors. Only time will tell what happens to this historic struction.

Lackawanna Ave Bridge Construction 10.26.08

The building with the green dome in the background is St. Vladimer's Ukrainian Catholic Church. They just celebrated their 100th Anniversary.

Mno. haja. L’ita!

May God grant them many years.

Lackawanna Ave Bridge Construction 10.26.08

Lackawanna Ave Bridge Construction 10.26.08



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