In-Depth : Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

It was a few years since I rode the rails at Jim Thorpe, PA. First I want to say that I really enjoyed the former operator, Rail Tours, rides. The best Rail Tours ride I went on was one that took us through Nequehoning and up to Lake Hauto.

After a flap a few years ago, the Reading and Northern replaced Railtours. They are running under the moniker of Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. The LGSR runs a different way through the gorge, rather that on the route to Lake Hauto.

The cabooses are gone, (moved down in the yard), the station has been painted and slightly remolded in the inside and fresh paint on the passenger equipment.



A Lehigh Valley inspired logo proclaims the railway's mission to the public.


A Baggage car serves as a store selling souvenirs.


The train passed the remains of Nequehoning Tower, just an old hulk of bricks by this date.

It gave good views of river from the CNJ Bridge.

The train winds around the trackage through the scenic gorge. Cool breezes made the trip pleasant even on this hot day.




The train also passed this Pipe Suspension Bridge. It once took a pipeline across the river, now it takes fiber optic lines.



The train crosses a short bridge over some other trackage.




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