In-Depth : Pocono Northeast Railway PNER


Here are some shots of the Pocono Northeast Railway or PNER. They used to have a Headquarters in Exeter Twp, by Rt. 92. From here they would dispatch units to service local industries.

Sometimes they would keep units in Downtown Wilkes-Barre or at Pittston Junction. Several of the units were painted in a bright green and yellow paint scheme.

1751 was a long time favorite locomotive of mine. As of 2012 it is working for the Luzerne Susquehanna in black paint in with a psuedo-Pensy logo on it.

PNER purchased the Railbus from Steamtown. They had ideas to run shoppers specials between downtown Wilkes-Barre and downtown Scranton ... but that never happened.

They did run some excursions, the 1751, still in black, pulled the car "The Southwind" from Wilkes-Barre to Pittson and back along the old Lehgih Valley Passenger Main. Never got pictures of it.



Number 77 did run.



PNER Headquarters in 1992, surrounded by all kinds of rail equipment.



This railbus was a prototype, from England, and there really were not any spare parts to keep it running.



Here is the #1751 by the SLC Graphics Plant in Hughestown. SLC used to make the TV Guides for years. They accepted boxcars full of newsprint. The PNER used to access this from the Avcca Industrial Track. Currently several crossings have had the rail pulled up.



These above pictures were taken with an old point-and -shoot 35 mm and scanned in. This is the old Lehgh Valley in Duryea.


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