In-Depth : Kingston Roundhouse Demolition

Final shots of the old DL&W Kingston Roundhouse. (I always thought it was in Edwardsville, but I was wrong) .

At one point in time this was a good sized yard here, built to service the coal breakers and nearby mines.

The DL&W Bloomsburg Line was abandoned by CONRAIL, circa 1970's and there really was no use for the yard and roundhouse that serviced steam engines by this time.

In the late 70's Case Beverage was selling beer and soda out of this. I remember going over there with my father a few times. I used to walk on the rail inside there.

Sem was supposed to build a soccer field or lacrosse field here. I do not know if they are still going to do so.

An older passerby told me he remembered when it was a railroad yard. He said they used to turn the trans around on the turn table (we know this though ...). He said that at one time Kingston wanted to get control of the lot and build a Hi-Rise for the elderly, but that plan fell through.

At this point, the building was going to collapse on its own, so it is a good thing they demolished it before someone got hurt.

I was glad to get these final shots and took some 35mm shots for archival purposes.






The roundhouse really was a spindly construction of timbers and some brick walls supported in the back.



Several old light fixtures can be seen among the rubble. Some of the timbers were clad with some sort of metal, maybe tin or aluminum near the bottoms.



Notice the old Company Houses in the background. Also along Page Street there are more Company Houses.




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