Sightings 122108 / Taylor Yard


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December 21, 2008

Taylor Yard


Live from the field via my Dell Axim 51:

(My Palm m505 died, so I got this Dell Axim to take notes.)

Taylor Yard -
Snow bankets the yard.  Power from the local sits in font of a string of cars.

Scranton -
Cars in Steamtown arranged a different  way.  Grain train on the main.

Pittston Jtc-
Late, about 6:30. Very cold. Couple two, three locomotives idling by the Yard Office.

stg122108 / Taylor Yard

Former Lackawanna Depot

The Taylor Yard office is the fomer Lackawanna Railroad Taylor Depot.  It was supposed to be replaced by modular offices this past September but is still standing.

stg122108 / Taylor Yard

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