Sightings 12.07.08 / R&N and CP


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December 07, 2008

Live from the field via my Averatec 4100 Series : 

Hudson - 
Some gons on the siding

Pittston Junction - 
A unit on a siding by the yard office.  Some hoppers and gons by the
2 units in the older "New Corporate" colors stopped by the yard office. 

Duryea - 
Phoenix Street - the two units hauled the train up grade.

Taylor - 
2 CP units in the middle of 2 the yard.  Nothing moving.  Pre-Fab buildings
are now behing the Yard Office - 
I guess the old Lackawanna Taylor Station.   It is slated to be demolished.

R&N at Duryea

  • R&N units haul a train upgrade over the old Lehigh Line
  • During the Lehigh Valley, it was double tracked
  • Now a single track remains

Sightings 12.07 / R&N and CP

Sightings 12.07 / R&N and CP

Sightings 12.07 / R&N and CP

Sightings 12.07 / R&N and CP

CP Units at Taylor Yard

  • Units off the local lay over at Taylor Yard.
  • Yard is pretty empty, due to the downturn in the Economy.

Sightings 12.07 / R&N and CP

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Tidbit :

Some Area Towers still standing :

Steamtown NHS, Scranton (near Bridge 60)

Tamaqua, PA

Mattes Ave, Scranton (former DL&W concrete tower)

Wyoming Ave, Scranton, PA (former wooden D&H crossing tower)

Tobyhanna, PA, former DL&W concrete tower