Sightings 12.04.08


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December 4, 2008

The CP uses Hi-Rail Trucks to inspect the line, often early in the morning. They are used after stormy weather to check the line for problems - esp. in the South from Mocanaqua and down, were there are a lot of trees close to the line. Also places that are prone to washouts and falling rocks.


Plains - 

CP Hi Railer crossing the Gauntlet with the strobe lights on. Neat.

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Tidbit :

Dragging Equipment Detectors

Canadian Pacific 
627.70 Halstead, Pa. 
643.20 Kingsley, Pa. 
661.90 Glenburn, Pa. 
676.97 Moosic, Pa. 
696.00 Nanticoke, Pa. 
721.00 Nescopeck, Pa.

Reading and Northern

123.9 Jim Thorpe, Pa. 
141.1 Hickory Run (Whitehaven) 
152.1 Crestwood, Pa. 
159.0 Laurel Run, Pa. 
169.2 Hendlers, Pa.