Sightings 12.04.08


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December 4, 2008

The CP uses Hi-Rail Trucks to inspect the line, often early in the morning. They are used after stormy weather to check the line for problems - esp. in the South from Mocanaqua and down, were there are a lot of trees close to the line. Also places that are prone to washouts and falling rocks.


Plains - 

CP Hi Railer crossing the Gauntlet with the strobe lights on. Neat.

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Tidbit :

Radio Frequencies for NEPA Railroads

CP/D&H Road                              161.475 
CP/D&H Dispatcher                        160.425 
CP/ Conklin yard                         160.530

DL /Steamtown Road                       161.460 
DL/ Office & ch. 2                       160.425 
DL/Repeater                              160.320 

NYS&W/road 1                             161.295 
NYS&W/ ch 2 & repeater                   160.620
R&N/Lehigh Division                      160.800 
R&N/ Pittston yard, Carbon & Schuylkill  160.310 
R&N/ Port Clinton dispatcher and 
ex RDG. & LV. coal branches              160.770 

Luzerne Susquehanna                      161.070 

Steamtown Museum                         164.175 

NS/ road RDG, HBG.                       160.800 
NS/road Allentown, Jim Thorpe            161.070 
NS/road Buffalo line                     160.860 
NS/road HBG, RDG.                        160.980 

North Shore ch1                          160.445 
North Shore Ch2                          160.725 
Amtrak, Phila. HBG.                      160.635 
Strasburg RR.                            160.235 

NS                                       161.115 
CSX                                      475.9375