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November 4, 2008

stg110408 False sightings

Live from the field via my vintage Palm M500 :

Several times I have drove up the lower part of Wilkes-Barre Bld, you know just after Blackman Street, you turn off instead of following South Main Street.

The railroad tracks follow the road. The used to serve builings in the area of the former Shapiro Scrap Yard.

The one night it was real foggy and it looked like a train was coming down the track.

This night was clear andvthe secret revealed - In back of Colors, an auto paint store, the got a spotlight on the back of the building. It is just the right height, size and place to make it look like a locomotive headlight.

I did not think the LS ran at night.

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Tidbit :

Boy this light on the side of the building sure looked like a locomotive headlight in the fog.