Sightings 07.19.09


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July 17, 2009

Taylor -

Not much going on, a D&H unit in the old Lightning Stripe Scheme.

Also, there is construction at the former Moffat Colliery site - they
are moving the flow of a creek bed, getting rid of
debris from the breaker, and taking down some retaining walls.

The site eventually will be graded and then some sort of housing is
likely to be built here.

Sightings 07.19.09

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Tidbit :

From 1991 CONRAIL Timetable :

Taylor Secondary Track 

Distance from Hoboken 

136.7  TAYLOR (D&H Railway) 
139.7  OLD FORGE 
  (Lehigh Sec and 
  Pocono Northeast RR)  

(Why is the distance 
listed as distance 
from Hoboken, since
trains have not run 
to Hoboken in many,
 many years ??? 
It was a hold over from the Erie Lackawanna Times Table. )