stg052309 / CP Caboose, DL


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May 23, 2009

CP Caboose at Taylor

Live from the field from my Averatc 4100 Series : 

Taylor Yard : 
Empty, a lone string of cars and an orange CP caboose

stg052309  /  CP Caboose, DL

stg052309  /  CP Caboose, DL

DL by Steamtown

Steamtown : 
DL Equipment, the trolley is running and something was under steam in the roundhouse.

stg052309  /  CP Caboose, DL

stg052309  /  CP Caboose, DL

Pittston Junction : 
Some R&N units, SD-50's, a smattering of cars.

Earlier today in Wilkes-Barre :
Several trains came thru but I was busy and did not chase them.

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Tidbit :

In the DL&W Scranton Station, 
now the Radisson,there are about
20 ceramic tile work mosaics around 
the main concourse of the building. 
The tile work pictures were supposed to
represent locations on the railroad.