Sightings 01.01.10


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January 1, 2010


Live from the field via my Dell Axim X51:

Happy New Year - nothing going on today.

Gauntlet -

Nothing running, only thing moving were ice floes on a cold,grey, Susquehanna

Breslau -

Took a walk on the dike. Lot of kids trying to sleigh ride on the inch or two of snow.

Across the river was the old UGI power plant, probably left over from the Lance Colliery.

Walked down Fellows Ave - noticed many vacant boarding houses and garment factories, up for sale.

The old D and H main line was quiet and nothing was on the LS tracks

Sightings 01.01.10

Sightings 01.01.10

Sightings 01.01.10

Sightings 01.01.10

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Tidbit :

Scranton Area Rail Structures : 

DL&W passenger station, used as hotel.
DL&W roundhouse, Steamtown NHS.
DL&W shops,now used by Chamberlain Mfg.
DL&W Mattes St Tower, concrete.
D&H Freight House,brick, Wyoming Ave, used as Lumber yard.
D&H Crossing Tower,wooden, Wyoming Ave.
Scranton Railway Carbarn/Shops, Providence road, 
used as DPW yard, (parts demolished, parts standing).

CNJ Station, brick, partly restored.