CNJ Station Wilkes-Barre 12.21.11


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December 22, 2011

CNJ Station Wilkes-Barre 12.21.11

CNJ Station Wilkes-Barre 12.21.11

Are they ever gonna fix this or are they gonna let this fall apart ? This used to be a real nice bar and eatery. Once I went there for a meet and greet for Candidate in a local race. It was beautiful inside. (This was circa 1985). Now the place is falling apart.

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Tidbit :

From 1991 CONRAIL Timetable :

Taylor Secondary Track 

Distance from Hoboken 

136.7  TAYLOR (D&H Railway) 
139.7  OLD FORGE 
  (Lehigh Sec and 
  Pocono Northeast RR)  

(Why is the distance 
listed as distance 
from Hoboken, since
trains have not run 
to Hoboken in many,
 many years ???)