Vulcan 1984


October 19. 2006

Here is a sheet of paper a L&WV RHS Chapter member gave me at the October Meeting. It shows the Vulcan Locomotive in running condition, pushing cars across some temporary tracks at Northampton Street.

Vulcan 1984

The pictures I am told were taken with a one-time use camera. The sheet was interesting, so I threw it in the scanner. I do not think scanning the original pictures would make much difference in quality.

Back in 1984, I was a short distance away, in Bishop Hoban High School. Personally I never saw this unit run. I was told by other railfans of the day that the plan was to use the unit for train rides.

I do recall the Pocono Northeast Equipment, however. The good old PNER used to park all of the locomotives in a line on a siding next to the main line. They stopped doing this when the units were vandalized - windows smashed, spray painted, etc.

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