New R&N Signal, Avoca


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February 13, 2010

Off of the MacAlpine Street crossing of the Reading and Northern is a new signal.

It does not appear to be in service as its aspect is tilted off to the side.  It looks like a three light signal, with the three lights on one Target Block signal.  Almost like a dwarf signal on a pole. 

This is new to me. 


New R&N Signal, Avoca

New R&N Signal, Avoca

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Tidbit :

From 1991 CONRAIL Timetable :

Taylor Secondary Track 

Distance from Hoboken 

136.7  TAYLOR (D&H Railway) 
139.7  OLD FORGE 
  (Lehigh Sec and 
  Pocono Northeast RR)  

(Why is the distance 
listed as distance 
from Hoboken, since
trains have not run 
to Hoboken in many,
 many years ???)