Not A Trolley Pole


September 14, 2006

Not a Trolley Pole.

Took a copy of some of the pictures I took in Plymouth to the Lackwanna and Wyoming Valley RHS Chapter Meeting. I let Ed Miller take a look at it.

I asked him if it was a trolley pole, you know to support the overhead wires. Immediatley he recognized the shot as the end of the Carey Ave Bridge.

Nope, it was not for the trolley line. The trolley used a private right-of-way to the left of the bridge and then went into double track. After all of these years Ed still remembers. The trolley era was way before my time. My mother and father remember it though.

Ed thinks that it was either a street light, or maybe some sort of sensor for traffic lights.

They don't call Ed Mr.Trolley for nothing. We mused about the lack of electric traction in the area, noting that automobiles have replaced the various regional traction systems.

Ed said when he becomes Dictator, he would replace the Interstate Highway System with Railroads.

Last Trolley Pole In Plymouth ?

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