More Shots Of CNJ Gardner Switch


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August 17, 2014

Here are some more shots of the CNJ Gardner Switch, near Gardner Avenue, in the Parsons Section of Wilkes-Barre.   These are facing toward Miners Mills and the former D&H Hudson Yard. 

This area is a ROW for High Voltage wires for PP&L (or whatever they are calling themself today).  The pole line follows the old ROW and heads down though Parsons, across Kidder Street, behing Red Lobster and all of those little stores along Spring Street.  It crosses Munday Street and ends up behind Wheel Fun Bikes (where I get my bikes from)  and crosses Coal Street and sort of ends in that Yard for the Gas Company or what ever it is behind Sheetz.   

If you walked along the power lines you would see that the path is all cinders, left over from the steam days.  

A few abutments, ties and other things remain.



More Shots Of CNJ Gardner Switch

More Shots Of CNJ Gardner Switch

More Shots Of CNJ Gardner Switch

You can still see the ties on the ground in this shot.  

More Shots Of CNJ Gardner Switch

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CNJ Gardner Switch

This group of photos shot in 2005, a full 12 years ago face the other way, looking toward Wilkes-Barre.

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