Old D&H Baggage Car, Taylor 1987


August 24, 2007

Was looking through some old pictures. There was a series of shots at Taylor showing Guilford units. Well remember that old Baggage Car ??? It was parked at Hudson for years. Then when they pulled out it was moved to Taylor.

Old D&H Baggage Car, Taylor 1987

The Baggage Car was eventually scrapped, and somewere I have pictures on a the car with most of the parts missing on it.

The car in the foreground is my 1975 Olds Cutlass Supreme. 350 engine, 8 cylinders of Death, and build like a tank. This was one of the first times I ever drove far from my house way back in 1987, during a Fall Break when I was attending Kings College.

This picture was taken with one of those old Kodak Disc Cameras. The film was like the 110 format, except the frames was arranged like spokes of a wheel on a thin disc cartrige. These are long obsolete.

35mm cameras do a better job, but at the time the Kodak Discs were quite popular.

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