Four And A Quarter in 93


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January 2, 2008

Found some pictures I took of 425 at South Hamburg way back in 1993. It really looked good back then. The color of it really struck me - most steam engines are black and ugly looking. This was really nice.

425 at Hamburg

The 425 was just one of many pieces of equipment at Hamburg, PA. At this time the railroad had several CF7's, a kitbashed F7.

There was a lot of neat things down there in Hamburg. They had CF7's, a dome car, various tenders and other steam equipment.

At one time is was a station in the Reading, Blue Mountain and Northern Tourist operation. About three years I passed by and the station site was uses as parking for a trucking company.

I probably visited here at least 3 times before operations ceased. It was a real nice ride, that went from Hamburg to Temple, PA and back.

425 at South Hamburg, PA

425 at South Hamburg, PA

425 at South Hamburg, PA

The back of the tender has that big light on it.

425 at South Hamburg, PA

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About The Background :

The background is the old Blue Mountain and Reading logo from the nose of a CF7 at Hamburg, PA. This was before the railroad was known as the Reading and Northern.

Seeing this old logo again is kind of like seeing a "Throwback Jersey" from like the Eagles or something.

The railroad started with the sale and resale of CF7's and the purchase of a cluster of tracks from CONRAIL in the Reading area.

Eventually the shortline grew into a regional.