First Insulator In Collection From D&H


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December 25, 2007

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My first Insulator

My first insulator was a common railroad Hemmingray, in the common, dark aqua blue color. I was riding my bike near the D&H Railroad Hudson Yard, in Hudson (Plains, PA).

An edge was sticking out of the cinders on the side of the track - I moved it and much to my surprise, a whole insulator came out of the ground.

A few years later, I got some spool insulators when the yard was closed and they cut down the poles that the lights were on, almost like street lights in what was the locomotive serviice area.

Here and there over the years I got some insulators, kind of a casual collector. Often I will go to flea markets and see common inslators and altered ones at great markups.

Once I came across a common railroad Hemmingray in a purple color at a flea martket - they guy said it wasn\'t for sale. I said it looks like you painted over it with red nail polish and he got mad at me.

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First Insulator

I was under the impression that insulators were worth a lot of money. I did not realize that only some had big dollar amounts attached to them. The only value most had was as a railroadania item.