Historical Marker : Baltimore Mine Tunnel Disater


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May 1, 2014

New Marker, East End Section of Wilkes-Barre

During the cold, snowy winter, a new Historical Marker was errected in the East End of Wilkes-Barre.   It is to remeber the Baltimore Mine Tunnel Disaster.  From what I heard, the mine opening was somewhere in the area of present day Home Depot and what they call Zayre Mountain. 

People told stories of Miners walking down Penn Street by Holy Savior Church on their way to go to work in the mines of the Baltimore Colliery. 

The mass funeral for all the dead miners was at St. Marys on Park Avenue in Wilkes-Barre. 


Historical Marker : Baltimore Mine Tunnel Disater

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Some Roundhouses :

Kingston (DL&W) gone

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Carbondale (D&H) gone

Scranton (DL&W) Preserved

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