Winter Halted My Railfanning Activities


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March 27, 2014

This winter really halted my Railfanning activities

This cold. bitter and snowy winter reallt put the kibosh to my Railfanning activities .... I am looking back at the pictures I took and there are reallt not that much.   Also it seemed that not much stuff ran in the daylight ... and during the day ... I was at work.   Traffic leveks seemed to be lower too.

Most of the time I passed by Taylor during the day on Weekends, nothing was doing.  Once in a while some power was laying over and really not many cars in the yard, as in years past.  Maybe an indicator of the Economy.  

The one area of Taylor that did have activity was the Sand Transloading Terminal, where sand for the Natural Gas / Fracking Industry are taken from the chutes of the rail hopper cars and top loaded in to hopper trailers that are driven over the road to the Well Sites.  

We still have the potential to see a lot of growth from the Natural Gas Industry that could result in more carloads.   The rest of the Regional Economy is still in the toilet. 

Here is a picture of the Sand Transload Terminal / Intermodal Terminal at Taylor Yard, Taylor, PA, 

Traslod Terminal Taylor

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Tidbit :

Radio Frequencies for NEPA Railroads

CP/D&H Road                              161.475 
CP/D&H Dispatcher                        160.425 
CP/ Conklin yard                         160.530

DL /Steamtown Road                       161.460 
DL/ Office & ch. 2                       160.425 
DL/Repeater                              160.320 

NYS&W/road 1                             161.295 
NYS&W/ ch 2 & repeater                   160.620
R&N/Lehigh Division                      160.800 
R&N/ Pittston yard, Carbon & Schuylkill  160.310 
R&N/ Port Clinton dispatcher and 
ex RDG. & LV. coal branches              160.770 

Luzerne Susquehanna                      161.070 

Steamtown Museum                         164.175 

NS/ road RDG, HBG.                       160.800 
NS/road Allentown, Jim Thorpe            161.070 
NS/road Buffalo line                     160.860 
NS/road HBG, RDG.                        160.980 

North Shore ch1                          160.445 
North Shore Ch2                          160.725 
Amtrak, Phila. HBG.                      160.635 
Strasburg RR.                            160.235 

NS                                       161.115 
CSX                                      475.9375