Storm Related


February 17, 2007

Three days after the big snow storm and the roads were still bad. Narrows Road in Coxton was closed - an avalanche of snow and water that backed up at Falling Springs that froze has made it impassable. For the roads that were open - lines and other traffic markings were just a suggestion as most turning lanes were blocked.

The Taylor Secondary in Duryea was plowed better than most streets in Wilkes-Barre. The road to Taylor Yard was better than most roads in Wilkes-Barre.

Several buildings collaped - The Chicken Coop in Plains, various sports domes in the area, the Toyota Pavillion (a tent) and the tent in Hanlon\'s Grove in Nay Aug Park that they had music and films in werer amomg the destroyed.

Most of the Interstates were open around 4:00 PM - that was another disater - we were the only state that had to shut them down.

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