Star Of Bethlehem On Culm Dump


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December 15, 2007

Every Christmas season I always take a ride up to Duryea, Avoca, Old Forge, etc. to see who has the best decorated house. There were a lot of good ones. This year there were several good ones on New Street in Duryea, just below the RR tracks (of course).

On thing that I have not seen in many years is the Star of Bethlehem in the culm dumps. The large parcel of land that used to be the Pennsylvania Coal Company in Hugestown, Avoca and edge of Dupont would always be dark. Except at Christmas time, someone would light a Star Of Bethlehem on top of the hills of coal.

Maybe around 1986 - 1988 it was set up. Some years I recall seeing it from McAlpine Street. In other years I recall seeing it when you went from Dupont into Avoca on just past the Heidleburg Viaduct and were the Laurel Line had its Avoca Viaduct.

I think it was the people that owned the coal company. They put it on a pole or piece of mining equipment.

For the last several years, the Star Of Bethlehem on the Culm Dumps has been missing.

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