Snowy Arthur Avenue, Former Streetcar Route


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December 16, 2009

The only thing missing from this scene is a streetcar going down the center of the street. This is of course, Arthur Avenue in Scranton.

At one time this was a popular streetcar route, carrying passengers to and from Nay Aug Park.

Snowy Arthur Avenue, Former Streetcar Route

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Arthur Ave, Former Streetcar Route

The streetcar routes of the Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys are not even known by most people. The older residents fondly recall this mode of transportation, that was used before cars or buses.

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Canadian Pacific 
627.70 Halstead, Pa. 
643.20 Kingsley, Pa. 
661.90 Glenburn, Pa. 
676.97 Moosic, Pa. 
696.00 Nanticoke, Pa. 
721.00 Nescopeck, Pa.

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