Scranton Patch


June 13, 2006

Was looking at an older street map I have of Wilkes-Barre and surrounds. It is from the early 1980s. It shows the Scranton Patch. It was a small grid of streets, maybe 6-4 houses remaining in the mid 80s.

The Patch was reached by an access road that is at the approximate location of the entrance ramp for the Cross Valley, next to Jack Williams Tire Co. The houses were demolished in the late 80s and the site is currently Motor World Automotive Group.

The Scranton Patch had its claim to fame happened during WWII when a bomber, a B-17 I think, crash landed in near the patch. A neighbor said the G-Men and State Police cordoned off the area. It supposedly had a Top Secret Norden Bombsite in it.

Best I can recall the houses were unremarkable, all the same, except some had bricktex siding, others plain wood. I have no pictures of it.

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