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May 21

Ritz Camera has left Northeastern PA

The only true camera/imaging store that sold pro film (including Black and White) and photo papers has left the region on the hells of declaring bankrupcy.

The locations in the Boscov's in Downtown Wilkes-Barre and the Mall at Steamtown in Scranton are no longer there.

The only Ritz in our neck of the woods is a hike to downtown Stroudsburg. 

I used to like to browse the Scranton Store.  When I was taking a Basic Photography Class at LCCC, I made frequent trips to both stores for paper and film.

The only place in the Valley that still sells paper would be PPS on Scott Street, across from the old 112 Tavern.  (All you CNJ and D&H railfans will know what I am talking about.)

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