Pitza From Senape's Bakery Hazleton


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November 16, 2913

Pitza from Senape's Bakery in Hazelton.   This is what is known as "Deli Pizza".  They bake in in the bakery and you can heat it up in an oven or microwave.  Lots of people eat it cold.  

The sauce is real good and it has garlic and basil in it.  

Longo's is another "Deli Pizza" from Hazleton.  I think they own or bought out Profera's Pizza from the Scranton area.  

I like Senape's - it has a sweet and tangy sauce.  This was probably made today.  You can keep it on the kitchen table for 2-3 days or refrigerate it and it will last longer.

By the way, the say they pronounce the name as "Snaps".

Only in Northeastern PA,

Pitza From Senape's Bakery Hazleton

Pitza From Senape's Bakery Hazleton

Pitza From Senape's Bakery Hazleton

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