Penn Slovak Union Demolition


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February 7, 2009

Here we are, stuck in the depths of winter with not many trains running. We have to look back at the Summer of 08 and find some pictures to use.

Penn Slovak Roman Greek Catholic Union Bldg Demolition

From September 08, the old Penn Slovak Roman Greek Catholic Union Building was demolished.  It was probably better known as the Hidy Ochi Karate or Corcoran Printing.  These and other firms were located here as well as apartments.

By 2006 the building was just a shell, neglected for years.  In 2009 the plot at North and North Main Street is ready to be redveloped, buildings for King\'s College will take its place.

Penn Slovak Union Demolition

Penn Slovak Union Demolition

Penn Slovak Union Demolition

Before Demolition

Top of neglected building, with tree growing out of facade.

Penn Slovak Union Demolition

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Tidbit :

In the DL&W Scranton Station, 
now the Radisson,there are about
20 ceramic tile work mosaics around 
the main concourse of the building. 
The tile work pictures were supposed to
represent locations on the railroad.