Fired up my Palm III


December 11, 2006

Today I was not busy so I fired up my Palm III. I got it at our church bazzar this summer for $1.00. It looks like it was never even used. It was in a box with the dock and cable.

I downloaded the software off the web and got it to work. Over the summer I had limited success with it. I think I had the wrong com port. I choose com3 and also told it network connect to. Nortons created a rule and it worked fine.

It is a nifty device for capturing text. I can write copy on it and then transfer it to my PC. It has a touch screen were you touch an image of a keyboard with a stylus to type. It also does Graffti - a shorthand language for writing letters.

Only drawback is that it takes 2 aaa batteries - when they die - the volitile memory loses data.

I just got a laptop, but this seems to be a better device to take with me in the field. It is nice and small. Just to capture text it is great.

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