Mining Tools at Arcaro's Pizza Taylor


January 14, 2007

Tried a Pizza place that I never was in before - Arcaro's Pizza in Taylor. (on top of Taylor Hill) In the bar section, there was one part of the wall that had old mining tools, carbide lamps and miners hats. They also had what looked like a conductor hat on the wall too.

They got some real good pizza. They got sandwiches, pasta, burgers and other bar food. I got to try the Coney Island Hot Dog and fries for $4.05. That is cheap. 12 cuts of plain red pizza was only $8.75.

The tavern part had a cigar store indian in it. The dining room part had a wooden floor like a gym, so maybe at one time it was a dance hall. There was a wooden rootbeer barrel on a chest too. You could only find an interesting place like this in Northeastern PA.

You can bet I will be back to try some things like Spagetti with Everything (Pasta with meatballs, sausage, and mushrooms) $9.95 or one of the hot open faced sandwiches (beef, meatloaf, hamburger steak, or turkey) servered w/ fries or mashed and cole slaw or apple sauces. $6.95

Boy, I am starting to sound like Rachel Ray on $40 a Day.

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