Magic Polka Machine


August 26, 2007

I was driving back from Harrisburg and was passing by Frackville, and Mahanoy City. I was flipping thru the channels on the radio trying to find one that would come in good.
I hit 105.5, and it was blasting Polka music loud and clear.

It turned out to be a weekly show, The Magic Polka Machine. The Host of the show was lively and upbeat. They also advertised for a Polish Festival in Doylestown and some other Church function that was taking place in Coaldale.
Stanky and the Coalminers, a local favorite, played the "No Beer Polka".

When you heard the Polkas playing you could imagine all of the people dancing, laughing, drinking beer and having a good time at a Church Picnic or a Bazaar.
It was pretty funny, the only channel that would come in clear was playing Polkas

Then after about 15-20 minutes, I lost the channel and picked the next on that came in clear.

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