Mine Buildings Razed, Jenkins Twp


February 4, 2007

Passed by Main Street Jenkins Twp, today. The former mine buildings that were used as a meat packing plant have been razed. They are supposed to build townhomes there. I do not think I would want to by one there on a coal dump, though.

There were like two non-descript brick buildings like many of the mine buildings in the area, these being painted white.

Once I went there with a friend of a friend to vist a sisters brothers cousin that knew a guy that worked there. In the back of the meat plant was a stripping hole that was filled with old tires, furniture, garbage and such.

I was amazed that no one really cared and the just dumped the stuff there at night. I guess when outsiders see crap like that it just makes them see the area in a dim light.

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