Kowaflex Not Kaput ???


August 16, 2007

Is my Kowaflex Camera Not Kaput ??? I am taking a photography class at LCCC in the fall and was wondering if it was working.

Over the winter I tried taking shots of the Huber Breaker but most did not come out. :-( The light meter did not seem to work right then.

On its fixed lens, there are three control rings. The first ring is the time of exposure from 500 - 1 and B. I found out the hard way not to leave it on B(utton) - I thought the shutter jammed. The next ring is ASA from 10 - 1600. I was not aware that it went to 1600. I thought the highest it went to was 400. The next ring is F-Stop from 16 - 2. Then the last control is to focus the lens.

I wonder if I did not have something set right the last time I played with it. Also it has a selenium photocell that powers the light meter - maybe I was not withing operating temperatures of it last winter.

I am gonna get some film, load it up and do some shooting this weekend. If it works, I can use that, along with my Pentax K-1000 for my Photography Class. It would be cool to use a vintage camera.

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