Hudson Yard At Night


August 16, 2007

Hudson Yard By Night

One of the things I remember about Hudson Yard is that it was all lit up at night.

At onr time there were 3 floodlight towers. One was at Slaba Hill {Main Street}. Also there were several block and dwarf signal there. These were always on and lit up like achistmas tree.

I recently got a book at an Estate Sale - a history of SS Peter and Paul RC parish. Some shots show the present day field filled witg tracks and rail cars.

The next floodlight tpwer was at Oak Streer. A crossing tower used to be here too. That was demolished late 70\'s, early 80's. The foundations are still there.

The last tower is still there. The repeater for the Hudon Radio is on it.

All of the switches were lit up, with lights in the heads, that would show red or green based on the position of the switch.

Even were the CNJ and the D&H branch to Wilkes-Barre was, that was protected with Target Block signals and dwarf signal. Day and night these were lit.

I wonder how many dollars were wasted on this.

Now Hudson is dark,except when a passing train sets off the crossing signals. All of this stuff has been ripped out.

Now block signals are programmed to shut off to save energy.

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